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Techie advises for techies on what not to do in your 0x01 Date.


It might look really cool and adorable that you got a girlfriend who loves your code and debugging skills. But remember just like how software and hardware get periodic upgrade, you also need to upgrade your system so that you can satisfy the processing power of your date’s mind or else Kaboom!! System error!!! Hardware failure!!! :p


Now let us talk about the most *ucking annoying thing that your girlfriend will encounter when you do your routine in her first date with you


  1. Firstly don’t dare to take your mobile or your gadget out. Even if it is an alien technology that can transform you into a superhero!. Just assume that you are dead and you will reincarnate later from the heaven( technically that’s hell ).
  2. Please do dress like a gentleman. Your date knows well that you are a tech freak, and you work for your startup. blah! blah! That doesn’t mean you need to wear your startup tees and jeans. damn, you!! Remember you are not going for a meeting, It’s a date! And please! Please! do take a shower.
  3. She is not a computer or gadget. She is so called human being like you. If you want to hold her hand or kiss her. Don’t dare give a packet request for acknowledgment, damn! kiss her or hold her hand and obviously, only if you are so sure that it won’t end you up getting a slap or any hardware damage.
  4. She may not be a geek like you, but she know well that you are one, and her body is powered by flesh and blood, not some circuit and APIs, Don’t look at her like a code or a hardware, Look into her eye with love and talk.
  5. Please do get the money for the date expense, never expect her to pay the bill. I can understand that you are running your entire life just with your old underwear and a laptop. Sell everything from your room or neighbor’s house, you can rob a bank too if needed
  6. I know that you can speak excellently at product demo or pitch, But you have no idea the level of complication while talking to your date. So shut all the tech details like what language you use, what kind of API call, and talk like a human being.
  7. If you are going for a dinner date, Don’t ever think on how the light bulb works or how that speaker works and how it can be reengineered. Please pull your brain plug out. And talk to her from your heart, everything will all fine. Just don’t listen to your brain.

Now don’t look at me like who the bleep are you to advise us about our first date, My answer will be “ Experience Talks” I have dated(tried) so many girls in my life cycle and I have got lot of hands-on experience ( I never told I even got a slap from a girl) Now I think you would have realized the things that you have been doing these days.